How To Choose a Rug for a Dining Room


I’m excited to share some details about the new area rug in our kitchen dining space. We had gone back and forth talking about adding a rug, and I have to say I am so glad we did. It’s a fun pop of color and texture that has completely warmed up this space.  If you're considering one for the dining room in your home, then head on over Mohawk’s Creative Home Blog by clicking the link below where I share some tips on how to choose the perfect area rug.

Mohawk’s Creative Home Blog - How to Choose a Rug for a Dining Room

Mid Summer Refresh - 5 Simple Ideas with Wayfair

Mid Summer Refresh - 5 Simple Ideas with Wayfair

If you're looking to keep the summer days rolling, you have come to the right place! Everywhere you look signs of back to school are creeping closer by the minute. As far as I’m concerned there is still plenty of summer left to go! When I think of summer, I find myself cherishing long summer mornings. From waking up slowly, to sipping coffee on the patio and listening to the tunes of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. My ideal morning would finish with a trip to the farmer's market for fresh produce and flowers. This is the perfect time to give your home a little extra summertime love. Today I'll be sharing 5 simple ways to give your home a mid summer refresh with Wayfair. 

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