THE FAB FIVE - no. 1

Giant elephant ear  - daniel stowe botanical gardens

Giant elephant ear  - daniel stowe botanical gardens

Hi everyone! We had a blast at the wedding in Charlotte with all of our friends last weekend but it is always nice getting back to our normal routine.

The weather has been humid and kind of rainy at times. On one of the cooler days this week we cleaned up the yard and moved around some plants. If you follow us on Instagram we posted a photo of our blooming hydrangeas. The soil acidity is a big factor in the color of the flowers. We have two hydrangeas. One is a light blue, purple and pink. The other changed colors from last year when it was planted and is a vibrant magenta. So pretty! 

This week we are starting KC's Fab Five. A few weekends a month we will share five of our favorites of the week. You may find a great online sale, our favorite artwork, songs we’re listening to or a delicious treat.  There might be links to photos we're loving on Instagram and Pinterest or a shop to check out. Happy Weekend!

This week we’re loving…

  1. All Modern's great selection of stylish sofas and chairs up to 65% off!!! I’m really loving this sofa in blue and these chairs.
  2. The Conversation by Pearl Django came on our Billy Holiday Pandora station and brought us right back to Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe in Charlotte, NC. Wishing we were there.
  3. Keeping with the French theme, Christian made this delicious eggs benedict recipe. We substituted the English muffin for mini onion bagels we had in the fridge. Mmm so good!
  4. Loving the mixed metals and bold black and white pattern in this layered necklace by Twine and Twig. This stackable bracelet is super fun too!
  5. The Brimfield Antique Flea Market is coming up this week. Located in Brimfield, MA this massive flea market will run from July 11th -16th. If you can't make the July date this fun outing will happen again September 5th -10th.