4 Simple Ways to Add Mid-Century MōDRN Design to Your Home + Get the Look


Mid-century modern is huge in interior design right now, and I am ALL about it! For the longest time, Christian and I have been in love with mid-century furniture. Seven years ago, we received our first pieces from Christian's great aunt, and our collection has grown since. Over time we have added some vintage pieces and new ones, and we love them all.

When we start designing a room, mid-century modern is the foundation. It's a fun way to add character to a space. With its popularity increasing, there are now many amazing pieces readily available. So I have teamed up with Walmart to share their MōDRN Mid-Century Revival collection and my four simple ways to add mid-century design to any space.


1. Furniture

Curved lines and tapered legs on sofas, coffee tables, dressers, and desks are what give mid-century furniture its signature look. Choose one piece to start your space and then build around it. This Martin 3 Drawer Dresser from the MōDRN collection is our bedside table, which doubles as extra storage space. The darker wood tone can easily blend with any style.

IMG_4242 3.jpeg

 2. Lighting

Globe lights and lots of them! They come in so many different sizes, finishes, and numbers of globes you can find a custom look for any room.  We used sconces on both sides of our bed. Scones are an excellent option for a bedroom, leaving plenty of extra space on your bedside table. Globe chandeliers or flush mount for hallways and bathrooms also add that mid-century touch.

3. Artwork

Bold shapes and colors are iconic in mid-century art. One oversized artwork can be a statement piece or combine multiple artworks of similar colors for a collected gallery wall display to bring the room together. 


 4. Color

The mid-century color palette is made up of earthy tones, greens, oranges, blues, and golden yellows.  I like to put a fresh spin on it and simplify the color scheme using only one or two colors in a space. The deep moody blues and golden yellows are my personal favorite. 

We used the MōDRN Gold Exposed Zipper Decorative Throw Pillows (which have the most fantastic zipper detail) on our bed to add warm tones to the room. 

IMG_4239 2.jpeg

Blue is the pop of color we carry throughout our home, and this Bicycle Black Frame artwork by MōDRN with moody blues works perfectly in our entryway.

When choosing mid-century pieces, find one that speaks to you, be creative, and don't be afraid to mix it up with other styles for a fun and collected design. 

Want the mid-century style in your home? Check out our "Get the Look" design board; all the products are available through the links at Walmart. 

  • Get the Look - Walmart Mid-Century MoDRN Bedroom

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Gold Pillows | Blue Mudcloth Pillow | Throw Blanket | Wall Hanging | Dresser | Table Lamp | Bicycle Artwork | Abstract Artwork | Pouf | Area Rug | Bench | Headboard

This blog post was a collaboration with Walmart all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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