Hello World!


Welcome to the KC Design Co. blog. I’m Kim and my husband is Christian.  On our blog you’ll find interior design ideas and inspirations. We’ll create art, highlight artists and introduce you to some of our favorite stops and shops. As lovers of good food you may find a delicious recipe or amazing restaurant to try.  We will share our expertise and everything we learn along the way.

Christian and I are both art teachers, a serendipitous moment brought us together when we were hired in the same district. Our instant connection was undeniable and we were married in November of 2012.  


After the purchase of our first home we realized not only do we have a passion for art but also for designing interiors.  We took on every cosmetic update and DIY project to turn our house into a home. Through the years we developed an evolving style with our house as the canvas.

The dream of designing interiors for others soon became reality.  Friends of ours, moving into a fixer upper, asked if we would be the design team for their new home.  We assisted with everything from design ideas, to expanding the bathroom, choosing fixtures, finishes and styling their home.


With renovations and many design hours complete we decided to officially launch, KC Design Co. We create beautifully styled interiors for everyday living. Our company offers full design services, in-home styling and e-designs. No matter your budget we believe in creating interior spaces that are beautiful and livable.

This blog will not only document our latest projects, we’ll share design tips, DIY projects and our inspirations. My personal favorite is section called “Meet the Artist.”  You’ll get an inside look at their art and where to buy it.  We’ll take you to some great local shops and places we discover on our travels.  Christian and I love really good food. In “Let’s Eat” we will explore different restaurants and share some of our favorite recipes. 

I invite you to visit KC Design Co. to learn more about us and our design services. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us on our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to our blog newsletter. I invite you to respond and add comments about our design topics and ventures.  I believe you’ll find them fun and informative. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, visit and be part of KC Design Co. blog. We look forward to creating beautiful interiors, art, food and content for you to enjoy.

Artfully Yours,

Kim and Christian