Mid Summer Refresh - 5 Simple Ideas with Wayfair

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If you're looking to keep the summer days rolling, you have come to the right place! Everywhere you look signs of back to school are creeping closer by the minute. As far as I’m concerned there is still plenty of summer left to go! When I think of summer, I find myself cherishing long summer mornings. From waking up slowly, to sipping coffee on the patio and listening to the tunes of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. My ideal morning would ...

1. Light Blankets & Throws

Summer is an amazing time of year. The warm weather allows us to be outside for endless hours. With the summer heat you’ll want to keep your bedding light and airy. Toss a Turkish blanket on the bed and leave light knitted throws around the house to keep you cool and cozy!

2. Trays and Coffee Acessories 

I don’t know about you, but first thing in the morning I am ready for a cup of coffee. There is no better place to enjoy it then on the patio. The fresh air and warm sun make it an ideal spot. To move your morning coffee outside a tray is a must have item. Most importantly don't forget about the French press and large coffee cups to keep the coffee flowing all morning long.

3. Outdoor Throw Pillows

One of the easiest ways to refresh any space is with throw pillows. Add a pop of color to your patio set with some throw pillows and it’s an instant change up! Mix up your patterns and colors for relaxed carefree summer time look.

4. Reusable Tote

A reusable tote is a must have for trips to the farmer's market!  You can carry all of your fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers easily. The best part is you can use it again and again! It's a simple and easy way to help out our environment and that’s always a win in my book.


5. Planters and Vases


Adding a little extra something special to your patio will have you spending every last minute of the summer outdoors. Outdoor planters and vases will do the trick. These little bud vases are the perfect way to display your farmers market flowers. Drop a flower or two in each one. Group them all together or scattered about, to brighten things up inside and out. You can also give your outdoor plants a little extra love with a new planter.

Let's soak in all we can of the final summer months. Wake up slowly, enjoy those simple moments of the easy summer days. Spend as much time as we can outside and add those special touches of summertime throughout our home. Light throw blankets, pillows, trays, vases and reusable totes are just a few of the items I like to use for a refresh. What are your favorite moments of summer and what items you would use for a mid summer refresh?

You can get our summertime look with all of the links below! Happy summer friends!!!